Angler Spotlight – Frederick “Pug” Clements

Angler Spotlight-Here is where you get to be introduced to the inaugural group of anglers fishing the NPFL.

Please call me Pug.

Home: Originally Vidalia Ga, but I currently live in Rock Hill, SC
Home lake: I live on Lake Wylie but my “home lake” has got to be Santee Copper Lakes.
Age started fishing: Since before I can remember honestly. I have pictures of me holding a rod in diapers lol. But I started bass fishing with my dad, James, around 8 years old I think.
Age started fishing tournaments: I started fishing local club tournaments with Pops around 10 years old from the back of the boat. I remember going to Todd’s fish farm every year for a youth tournament the club put on, and that was like my classic 😂😂

Most excited about the NPFL: Honestly, just getting the chance to travel and compete on a professional level all around the country! I just flat love to fish ! I am also very much looking forward to meeting and getting to know these other great anglers and the crew!

Cool fact: I don’t know if this is considered “exciting” or not, but my full time job is as a nuclear training instructor at Catawba Nuclear plant. Once you get to know me and see my personality that may scare you a bit. I assure everyone there are people much smarter than me at Catawba and you are perfectly safe lol!

Sponsors: Phantom Outdoors, Waterwood custom baits, Sunrise Tackle, Costa Del Mar, The great outdoors.