Fernandes “In the Juice”

It's starting early for Louis Fernandes on day one.

By Justin Brouillard | Photo Tanner & Travis Lyons

If you missed the start of live coverage this morning, Louis Fernandes is on the board with a quick flurry before the broadcast began. Fernandes is playing the interception game and looking to target areas between where he thinks the fish are and where they want to go. Live Broadcaster David Dudley mentioned he could see the main lake in back ground, with Fernandes in pocket with a drainage ditch which provides an easy route for fish to access spawning waters. 

Fernandes said on live, “Fish are on the move, wanting to come spawn, all you have to do is intercept them. It doesn’t matter the bait, could be whatever.” Luke Dunkin could see and hear the confidence Fernandes had in his plan and he is off to a great start on Day 1 with supposedly 2 fish in his well to begin.