What’s it going to take?

The launch is here and the water is about to heat up.

Photo Tanner & Travis Lyons | 3.11.21 @ 7:25am
By Justin Brouillard

It is hard to gauge on an off day between 3 practice days and day 1 of a professional level tournament, but usually anglers are playing scenarios throughout practice on what it might take to win and get a check. 

Here we go. Several NPFL anglers were asked, their names not revealed, and none knew what anyone else had said.

10 to 11-pounds

13 to 15-pounds

13-pounds and change


10 to 12-pounds


11-pounds and change

13 to 15 pounds

11 to 12-pounds

1.5 to –13 pounds

The range does not vary much and obviously the fishing seems tough for everyone. Someone even went as far as to say that “anyone who can get a 3-day limit should get a check, however, I think it might take 21+ per day to win.” 

Will the warming weather get the bigger fish biting? Which Lake Eufaula are we going to see?