Afternoon Round Out

It's almost time for lines out and bag 'em up. Gonna be a tight one.

By Justin Brouillard | Photo Tanner & Travis Lyons

EUFAULA, AL — That does it for live coverage from Lake Eufaula for the championship day. The full field of anglers are fishing this 3rd and final day while the action is fixing to heat up. The anglers check in at 3 pm central time which means an hour plus of fishing, where a lot can change. 

The early story for the leader John Soukup was fishing pressure in his main areas. He arrived to local boat nearby and got off to a slow start. John has an unofficial limit of around 11.5-pounds including a 5.5-pound kicker. What that means is, John has room to upgrade and with small fish in his bag, any decent fish is a helper. He lost a “helper” fish from a dock surrounded with brush piles that he hunkered down on for a while. The fish came out and the fish got off. A heartbreaker for Soukup, and he doesn’t know it, but his slow day still has him just over 3-pounds up on David Gaston.

Gaston came out of the gun hot this morning getting a quick limit and a 5-pounder of his own. Tanner Lyons was close by to capture his awesome morning. Live coverage announcer David Dudley told Luke Dunkin, his bet is that Gaston takes advantage of a late shallow bite and if he could stumble into a big fish, the 3-pound lead would close soon. 

A later moved on day 2, Louis Fernandes is catching them again later in his day. Louis has a 5-pounder to anchor a 16-pound plus bag which has him in the 3rd spot, unofficially, with over an hour left to go. Fernandes is more than 5-pounds back but one fish on Eufaula can close the gap quickly.

Landon Tucker is also having himself his best day yet on Eufaula with almost 18-pounds according to the weigh live tracker. Tucker revisited a fresh brush pile this morning and a spinnerbait bite to the tune of a 6-pounder was his reward. He has kept his head down and filled a solid limit. With a lot of weight to make up, it is unlikely that anyone will catch the top two guys, but every place means more money for anglers.

Notable anglers who have not registered a bass on the weigh live tracker, Chane Woodard and Nick Prvonozac are still withing striking distance and my bet is they have fish. Woodard hinted to having fish, which puts him back up near the top. Prvonozac has not registered any fish all week and had a quality bag of fish yesterday.

The question remains, will the offshore guys stand their ground, or can the shallow water guys take advantage of a late push of big Eufaula bass and take the top spot? Well find out at 3 pm central time for the live weigh in.

Other big movers on the final day.

After a rough day 1, Mike Comeau has combined back-to-back double-digit limits, including almost 12-pounds today, to jump way up within a pound of the last check spot.

Dan Blackert is rolling today with 16-pounds, 5-ounces to jump into the top 35, after struggling the first 2 days. 

Keith Carson with back-to-back solid limits moves into the top 20 after a tough day 1. Unofficially in the 13th spot.