Day 2 Begins on Wright Patman

What's in store for day 2? Follow along for all the action.

By Justin Brouillard | Photos Tanner & Travis Lyons

Anglers will be launching into different condition than they did on day one with thunderstorms and winds coming into the area over night. The high temperatures will be in the upper 60’s today on Wright Patman but severe storms are possible. The NPFL team has been monitoring the weather for the last several days and the decision was made to fish.

The question is, how will the weather affect the brush bite? A few local anglers told me those fish do not get off shore until the water gets hot, so the fish will still be in the brush. The key is making them bite.

Local favorite, Mike Yoder stuck with his game plan yesterday to the tune of 18-pounds, 12-ounces. The bite was slow and steady. Mike was seen on live in the morning struggling to get a quality bite but the afternoon turned on as he was able to cull his way to his final weight.

“I stayed on the same pattern I was running all morning, just grinding and keeping a hook in the water. Tomorrow, I am going to change a few things and do a lot more running around.”

With winds expected in the 10 to 15 mph range for most of the day, anglers will have to adapt to changing conditions. 

Check Weight

Before the event, several anglers thought 12-pounds a day would be enough to get paid this week in Texarkana. Currently 16-pounds, 11-ounces holds down the 35th place spot, but the law of averages will play with two more days of competition. With predictions of several big bags to start, anglers anticipated a big drop in weights for the final two days. Will that hold true, or will Wright Patman continue to pump out big bass?

Taylor Watkins was worried about pressure before this event and was not sure if they bushes would replenish after day one of competition.

“Lot of guys had good practice days but nobody knows if those fish will replenish. I don’t know if there will be enough fish to go around.”

We will see!

Follow Live Broadcast and watch how the top anglers fare on day two.

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