Day Two Midday Report.

The day one leaders are hanging tough, but a new slew of characters are making it interesting.

By Justin Brouillard | Photos by Tanner & Travis Lyons and Rob Connors

As expected for Day Two on the Harris Chain, the leaderboard is shifting. The top guys from Day One are certainly catching them, but some names are moving around.

The Weight Live Tracker looks like this currently for the top five anglers.

  1. Dale Prinkey 16-14 / 36-5
  2. River Lee 16-8 / 36-3
  3. David Gaston 17-0/ 35-0
  4. Bryant Smith 15-15 / 34-11
  5. Keith Carson 18-14 / 32-6

Of course, weights are unofficial until the Weigh-In, and anglers are not always accurately entering their weights throughout the day. David Gaston has a 9-pounder in the well and just caught one Bradley Hallman estimated at about 5-pounds. 

Dale Prinkey has solid bag as well with the biggest being around 4.5-pounds.

River Lee has a quality limit with the smallest being 2.88-pounds according to his estimate.

Bryant Smith is catching them steadily today with a 4.5-pounder to round out his five fish limit of around 16-pounds.

Keith Carson has had a less than stellar morning has made a cull to push his weight over 13-pounds and he has moved back into the top 5 on the day.

John Soukup could be seen on Live Coverage telling Fat Cat Newton he has about 15-pounds and is looking to keep his position in the Progressive AOY Standings.

Big Movers of the Day

Jim Jones began the day with a 11-pounds, 3-ounce limit but is pushing 18-pounds, 10-ounces today and is sitting within the top 10.

Mike Comeau also started the day with less than 12-pounds, but his limit of almost 16-pounds has him in 13th place.

AOY leader Nick Prvonozac lost his lead after day one but is working his way back up the leaderboard. With around 12.5-pounds today with the afternoon left to fish, Prvonozac is sitting in 14th unofficially.