Mid-Day Report on Showdown Saturday

Halfway to $50,000 and things are getting interesting on the Harris Chain.

By Justin Brouillard | Photos by Tanner & Travis Lyons and Rob Connors

It’s a much tougher Showdown Saturday for several of the anglers in the top ten. While leader Jake Boomer is once again hoping a late day rally, others in the top have reported small limits on the Weigh Live Tracker with plenty of room for opportunities to cull.

The angler who started the day in 2nd place, David Gaston is yet to record a fish. With over an hour of a ride to his starting spot, it’s possible Gaston encountered pleasure boaters and increased traffic in the locking systems. Gaston noted he has a long day and was hunting for three big bites.

Big movers of the day include Joel Willert with over 18-pounds, Robby Frashier with 14 plus pounds, and Matt Mollohan with another reported 14 plus pounds – all three within the top ten with Willert in third.

John Soukup is leading at this point with a limit of 10-pounds and Bryant Smith is close by with a limit of 10-pounds of his own. There is still a lot of day left for these anglers and the sun would be key for the flippers this afternoon, as well as leader Jake Boomer who has relied on a afternoon flurry last last couple days.