Mid-day update on watts Bar

As the click ticks down to weigh-in, the NPFL anglers scramble on day two.

Story by Justin Brouillard | Photos by Tanner & Travis Lyons

Mid-Day Update – Satterfield on Top

With the biggest bag of the day unofficially, Ryan Satterfield is at the top of the Weigh Live Tracker at the midpoint of the day. To go along with his 13-pounds, 13-ounces, Satterfield is showing around 15-pounds on the day and is in a good spot with several hours remaining on day two.

Day one leader Patrick Walters is hanging close by with a small limit on the day but has a lot more time to fish today. Walters was a late boat number this morning and has a late check in and was hoping to take advantage in the afternoon.

Another big mover is Matt Massey with around 13-pounds to move into the top ten today.

With weather different on day two, anglers are waiting for the current to start moving to set up the fish and make them bite. Lot of guys are sitting on their schools and waiting for the fish to fire. We will see if they can make it happen.

Unofficial Top 10: Today | Total
Ryan Satterfield 15-1 | 28-14
Patrick Walters 10-8 | 27-6
Pug Clements 10-0 | 24-10
Eddie Carper 11-4 | 24-4
Paul Browning 10-0 | 23-12
Shawn Murphy 8-11 | 23-4
Michael Brewer 10-1 | 23-3
Marc Schilling 11-6 | 22-11
Matt Massey 13-0 | 21-13
Sheldon Collings 7-0 | 21-12