Blackert, Tucker atop the midday leaderboard

At the midway point of day one, the catch of the day is both green and brown.

Story by Justin Brouillard | Photos by Tanner & Travis Lyons

Just after the midway point of day one, the weights are less than predicted. With more of the field probing the shallow water for largemouth, only some of the field ventured offshore into the wind to chase the Great Lakes smallmouth bass. The wind today is projected to be the least of the week so many anglers took advantage of the opportunity to catch smallmouth. On the water photographers Travis and Tanner Lyons reported the field is split fairly evenly between green and brown fish.

Dan Blackert and Landon Tucker are atop the Weigh Live Tracker with over 16-pounds, followed closely by big water expert Gary Adkins.

The unofficial top ten looks like this:
Dan Blackert 16-9
Landon Tucker 16-5
Gary Adkins 16-1
Taylor Umland 15-15
Craig Burwell 15-13
Mike Clatt 15-8
John Soukup 15-3
James Clements 15-2
Buck Mallory 14-9
Jeff Fitts 14-8

Follow along with the Weigh Live Tracker for the latest.