Afternoon Report on Sandusky Bay – Day One

We'll soon see what strategy paid off as the NPFL Pros head to the stage for the 4pm Weigh-in.

Story by Justin Brouillard | Photos by Tanner & Travis Lyons

As the first flight of anglers get set to go to Weigh In at 4:00, the leaderboard has drastically shifted in the last half of the day. Keith Carson has the unofficial lead with over 22-pounds and the question mark is are they green or brown fish? Keith is known for largemouth but has spent a lot of time learning his electronics and it would not be shocking to see him unlock some Lake Erie smallmouth.

Word on the water this morning was the smallmouth had not heated up but by the looks of the Weigh Live Tracker, the fishing has improved drastically.

With much of the field not recording a catch today, there are a lot of unknowns to keep our eyes out for!

The top 10 looks like this at the midway point:
Keith Carson 22-1
Blake Felix 20-14
Brandon Perkins 19-9
Michael Yoder 18-14
Trent Palmer 18-15
Todd Goade 18-5
Dustin Smith 18-0
Justin Kimmel 17-15
Sheldon Collings 17-11
Craig Saylor 17-7