Mid-Day Update on showdown saturday

Passing the halfway point on Showdown Saturday, it's getting interesting on Lake Erie.

Story by Justin Brouillard | Photos by Tanner & Travis Lyons

With a solid limit on the day, leader Scott Siller looks to be in control going into the back half of showdown Saturday presented by Fishermans Central, with plenty of time to improve. Siller appears to have settled in with a long day ahead of him with those behind him needing some magic to keep it close. Siller is cool, calm and collected and is doing work on the areas that got him to an over 5-pound lead to start his day. 

A few big movers today include Louis Fernandes with over 22-pounds and Justin Kimmel with 22-pounds of his own. Both anglers have a 5-pound big fish to anchor their bags but both are more than 5-pounds back of Siller, unofficially. Taylor Watkins caught a 6-pound class smallmouth to bring his weight to close to 20-pounds on the day making him the unofficially runner up to Siller at this point.

The AOY Race
AOY Leader Timmy Reams is doing work early this morning with a limit for over 15-pounds unofficially and only has up to go at this point. His goal before this event was to not lose his spot to be in contention going to Florida. After day one, Reams has added 16-pounds, 13-ounces on day two and a solid limit today, Reams could sneak into the top 20 and salvage an event that started tougher for him.

Unofficially, Gary Adkins started the day in the unofficial lead forcing Reams to have to play catch up. It’s going to come down to the afternoon and if Reams can keep pace, he may sneak away with the lead when it’s all said and done.

The top 10 looks like this, unofficially, at the midway point:
Scott Siller 15-0 62-0
Louis Fernandes 22-0 57-13
Justin Kimmel 22-1 56-13
Trent Palmer 17-2 55-6
Taylor Watkins 13-15 53-11
Danny Weems 16-4 52-13
Drew Six 17-0 51-6
Gary Adkins 9-5 51-0
Randy Kukral 16-10 50-8
Blake Felix 10-0 50-4