Living The Dream Along The Trail

Life along the trail with NPFL Pro Travis Jewell.
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NPFL Original Film Produced, Written and Directed by Twin Visuals. Story by Justin Brouillard

It was a dream for Travis Jewell and his wife to reside in Texas, and long before the creation of the NPFL it was simply just a thought. During the pandemic, the two carried out their desire and simultaneously signed up to fish with the NPFL. Once accepted to fish, and after having enough of the daily craziness brought on by Covid-19 back in Utah, the central location of Tyler, Texas became their new place of residence.

“We started talking about making the move back when we first started dating,” said Jewell. “With lots of business endeavors, combined with my desire to fish, the creation of the NPFL was enough to get us on our adventure and make it a reality.”

Living in Salt Lake. Utah, Jewell and fellow NPFL angler Jay Cranney grew up as friends and fishing buddies, and later became business partners. The two anglers travel together on tour and have known each other since kindergarten.

“I am super blessed to grow up fishing with Jay and later start a business. Now, we get to travel and fish together, and living in Texas definitely makes the travel a little easier for me,” added Jewell. “The league has been good. The travel this year was a little tough with those Northern fisheries but next year looks like a great schedule for us.”

Aside from the change in lifestyle, which includes living in the outskirts of Tyler, Texas and raising “a few” cattle, Texas is an overall help to Jewell and the development of his fishing career.

“I learned to fish on mountain lakes and highland reservoirs. Down here, it’s helping me grow so much as an angler with all kinds of bodies of water and fishing conditions. It’s a diverse area for a bass angler. Being in Texas, and now being able to focus in on my next adventures in business, it’s all coming together.”

In addition to the business and fishing, Jewell is an investor and has enjoyed learning about crypto currencies thanks to the help from his title sponsor, Giddy. Giddy is more than just a crypto coin, they are a tech company creating a non-custodial wallet to store different coins and it allows the consumer to earn interest on the coins and is designed for everyone to use, not just experts.

“Giddy is funded and backed by very predominant business folks from Utah and it’s designed to simplify the process and make it so everyone can get involved. I am super fortunate to be involved with those guys and I look forward to the future.”

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