The National Professional Fishing League Announces Changes for 2023 Season

Reduced entry fees and $100,000 first place regular season payouts highlight angler friendly changes for 2023 NPFL season

WILKESVILLE, OH (Dec 7, 2022) — In addition to a 2023 Championship event for the top 40 anglers in the Progressive Angler of the Year Standings, The National Professional Fishing League (NPFL) has announced reduced entry fees and increased payouts amongst additional angler centric changes for the 2023 season.

Since the beginning, the NPFL has focused on offering anglers the best platform to compete and earn a living while fishing a high-level professional bass fishing circuit. The new offering includes reduced entry fees and an increased first place payout of $100,000 to the regular season winner. In addition, the 130-boat capped field will pay out to 41 places giving anglers the opportunity to earn enough money to fish at the highest level.

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“We at ‘The League’ see this as being the best offering for anglers looking to fish professionally with us. In two seasons, we have earned our spot in the industry with the level of organization and quality logistics that all anglers who have fished with us are accustom to,” said Paul Benson. “We want to continue to maintain this level of excellence as we provide a platform for anglers to continue to build their brand while competing with the NPFL.”

Starting with the President and CEO of the organization, “The League” as a whole will continue to maintain the family mindset while providing the highest level of competition and coverage and appreciates the support of the industry, anglers, sponsors and fans.

Notable Highlights for 2023

  • Capped field of 130 anglers while paying 41 spots for all regular season events.
  • Decreased entry fees of $5,200.00 per event with a first-place prize of $100,000 and a total payout of almost $500,000.
  • $20,000 paid to the Progressive Angler of the Year winner as well as paid entry fees for the 2024 season.
  • No entry fee Championship tournament for the Top 40 in Progressive Angler of the Year Points with a $100,000 first place prize. A $250,000.00 total championship purse with payouts for the top 25 finishers.

The National Professional Fishing League is now taking applications for 2023 season.  Visit the Angler Application page and register now!

About the National Professional Fishing League
The NPFL was designed to bring simplicity back to professional bass fishing. One lake, 120 anglers, and three days of fishing with the heaviest combined three-day weight winning. The full field will compete all three days with one in three anglers getting paid at each event. The goal of the NPFL is to put the anglers first and build a trail that gets back to what the founders of bass fishing intended it to be.

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Now accepting Angler applications for the 2023 NPFL season! Our goal is to put the anglers first and build a league that gets back to what the founders of bass fishing intended. New for 2023: $100,000 First Place Prize; $5,200 entry fees per event; Half a million dollar total purse!