Day One Begins on Texarkana’s Wright Patman

Stop #2 of the National Professional Fishing League is on.

By Justin Brouillard

The big story this week is not if the fish will be biting, but if there are enough fish to hold up for all 3 days of competition. There have been lots of predictions that it will take well over 60-pounds to hold the trophy, but some anglers were changing their tune on Wednesday going into day one of competition. 

Texas angler Taylor Watkins lives 6-hours away from Wright Patman and doesn’t have much experience on the 31.75-square mile reservoir, but got into them fast in practice.

“Practice was phenomenal, but I don’t know if there will be enough fish to go around. Lots of us had good practice days but nobody knows if those fish will replenish or not.”

Practice was good enough for Watkins he cut his hooks off after 4 hours of fishing and never hooked a bass for the entire time after. The Texas angler estimated 50 to 55-pounds will get the job done this week (and 12-pounds a day to cash a check) and feels like he may have learned enough to get one or two more bites a day than other guys fishing the same water. Declining to publish what exactly he might have figured out, Watkins did leave off with these potential keys.

“I think if you find areas with the right kind of bushes with lots of water behind it to the bank, you may have more fish around there just because there is more area for them to be. Also, don’t write off the shad spawn.”

For Jeff Dobson, practice was sort of up and down. One day good, the next not, and then final day was. The Oklahoma angler estimated around 56-pounds to get this win this week with 12-pounds a day to get a check.

“I am afraid we’re going to beat them up on day one and struggle the latter two days. Someone will have around 22-pounds on day 1, 18-pounds on day 2, and 16-pounds on the final day for about 56-pounds.”

Cody Ryan Greany reported he has nothing real special happening and is doing a lot of what everyone else is doing. That seems to be the general consensus here on Wright Patman. The Texas angler said he found largemouth bass on two different kinds of trees, on two different days.

“Finding the right kinds is key, and adjusting depending where they are. I am thinking it might take around 50-pounds total to win. People are calling me crazy but it’s going to be tough, and getting 5 bites every day will get you paid cause the bass weigh good.” 

Greany also mentioned the shad spawn and noted he found some activity around the bushes and some on “other stuff.”

“This lake has never seen this type of pressure for 3-days. Of all the events on the schedule, this is the one I feared the most because of how small it fishes and all the hype its been getting.”

Other estimates:

Chad Aaron – “Well see multiple 20-pound bags on day 1 and then significant drop off after that as pressure will get to the fish.”

Donnie O’neal – “I am saying 13-pounds a day to get paid and 18-pounds per day to win.”

Danny Weems – “I think it’s going to be lower than most of the guys are thinking. I’m going to say 56-pounds to win and 32-pounds to make the last check.”

We shall see if Wright Patman can hold up to the pressure. Join us for the Live Broadcast which begins 9AM ETS/8AM CST.