Mid-Day Update from Wright Patman

The hunt for kickers takes us into the afternoon on Wright Patman Lake.

Nick Prvonozac | Photo Tanner and Travis Lyons
By Justin Brouillard

The top 10 unofficially according to the Weigh Live Tracker is as follows.

Keith Carson 27-10
Marc Schilling 21-7
Donnie O’Neal 19-4
Louis Fernandes 18-14
Nick Prvonozac 18-10
David Hoheisel 18-2 
Derrick Blake 17-8 
Taylor Watkins 16-13
Chris Heath 16-12
Shawn Murphy 15-13

According to NPFL Photographers Tanner & Travis Lyons, the weather is not only a factor tomorrow with storms rolling through, but today it looks like the water level is dropping about 3-inches per hour. It’s currently mostly overcast and hasn’t warmed up much since take off. Water temperatures are in the low 60’s, warming to the upper 60’s as today progresses.

The action continues LIVE until the anglers take it to stage at 3:30pm CST.