Prvonozac vs. Carson

Kieth Carson and Nick Prvonozac are trading blows on Day 2.

Leader Keither Carson and 2nd place angler Nick Prvonozac are trading blows today in front of on the water Photographers Tanner and Travis Lyons. Unofficially, both anglers have over 19-pounds in the well today with Carson hinting he may have around 20-pounds. Carson enjoyed a 2-pound lead to begin the day but neither angler is taking their foot off the pedal.

Carson is still running brand new water and is “trying to put his bait where other anglers are not,” noting that a lot of competitors are fishing around him. Carson is extremely confident and credits his decision to scrapping it all and running new water to experience. As seen on live, Carson is rotating between his flipping bait and a bladed jig and fishing extremely shallow water. Carson made a cull just before this story was posted which culled him another pound or better. 

Nick Prvonozac is sticking to his game plan and is steadily putting quality bass in the boat today. Within the last hour, he has lost a big fish and caught a big fish all in the same bush. Prvonozac is estimated over 19-pounds and is flipping his way to within striking distance going into Championship Saturday. 

Nick told cameraman Tanner Lyons “all I need is one more good bite and ill have about what I had yesterday.”

Rest of the top 10:
3. Jesse Millsaps
4. Robby Frazier
5. Douglas Chapin
6. Derrick Blake
7. Eddie Carpenter
8. Sheldon Collings
9. Josh Ray
10. Shawn Murphy

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