Mid-Day Report from Pickwick

Calm before the storm? If history is any indicator, things could get interesting quick.

By Justin Brouillard | Photos by Tanner & Travis Lyons and Ben Kennedy

While many predicted 20-pounds a day to take the win this week at Pickwick, many also said hold on until the afternoon bite before deeming it “slow.” Although the bite may be off according to the Weigh- Live Tracker or the Live Broadcast, things should heat up in the coming hours. With incredible amounts of pressure and local events on Pickwick every week, the fish are adapted and some can be caught, and some cannot. Even in large schools, the bites during normal tournament hours can be hard to get.

With the NPFL moving the blast off until 8, and the last flight not checking in until 6PM, the “bite window” for go time will occur, and it will happen when most every other event is finished fishing for the day. Locals know the afternoon bite will play this week and could be the difference in weighing a couple fish versus a top ten limit. Those in the first flight will catch only part of that window today while the flights flop for day two giving all anglers an equal shot for the long day of fishing. 

As I mentioned in the morning story, timing is key. Chad Aaron knows that whatever happens during the day is a bonus, and getting to the right place when it goes off is what will make or break the event for a lot of guys. “I am sure you have heard it all week, but proper timing is going to be crucial.”

As for the morning, things have been slow but fish are being caught. Mike Comeau has the current lead with 14-pounds, 13-ounces unofficially, with a 4-pound big bass. While that weight would be deemed successful by a lot of the field, a few late day culls for the Vermont angler would go a long way.

Shawn Murphy currently sits in the second spot with just over 12-pounds with a 3-pound, 6-ounce. The top ten thus far is less than 9-pounds but I am assured the afternoon will quickly change that.

The top 10 at the midway point looks like this:

Mike Comeau 14-14
Shawn Murphy 12-7
Robert Behrle 12-0
Derrick Blake 11-9
Joel Willert 10-7
Greg Mansfield 10-0
Sheldon Collings10-0
Bryant Smith 9-14
Chris Heath 9-12
Skeeter Fowler 9-9

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