Perkins Plucking Away.

Brandon Perkins is holding on to the lead but others are just a big bite away. Going to be a good weigh-in!

By Justin Brouillard | Photos by Tanner & Travis Lyons and Ben Kennedy

The Weigh Live Tracker is showing some changes as we head into the final couple hours. Perkins is still sitting on 5 fish for around 13-pounds, but expect that weight to change with the best bite of the day coming up. Marc Schilling is doing what he needs to keep the pressure on with a 17-pound bag including a 5-pound kicker. Word is, he is cranking a 10XD Strike Kind crankbait to try and trigger bigger bites.

Joes Willert is also doing his job with a solid 15-pounds at this point. The big mover is Michael Brewer with 16-pounds, 10-ounces as he makes a jump into the top ten. With less than expected the first two days, Brewer is keeping himself near the top with the afternoon bite about to get good.

John Soukup is struggling so far according to the unofficial Weigh Live Tracker. With one fish, look for John to make a move this afternoon. AOY leader Nick Prvonozac and 2nd place angler Keith Carson are also struggling. Both shy of a limit today, they can hope to fill a solid limit to not forfeit valuable points this week. 

But you never know what a Pickwick afternoon can do. One thing’s for sure, you don’t want to miss the WEIGH-IN LIVE starting at 4:30pm