Finale Friday Begins on Watts Bar

Can Walters go wire-to-wire? Join us live from the water to the stage for Finale Friday.

Story by Justin Brouillard | Photos by Tanner & Travis Lyons

SPRING CITY, TN. – It’s Finale Friday from Tennessee and the third stop of the NPFL Season. Pro Patrick Walters has led after both days one and two and has seen his lead decrease from around 2-pounds to now just 9-ounces over second place angler Ryan Satterfield. 

Walters has averaged 15-pounds a day in the top spot with weights dropping off quickly after that. 10th place angler Shawn Murphy has an average of just over 12-pounds while Craig Saylor sits in 40th place with 19-pounds, 2-ounces, in the last check spot. Anglers estimated prior to the event that around 10-pounds per day would take the last check spot and so far, it’s a little below that number.

After two days on Watts Bar, we have seen weights increase at the top with the biggest bag of the tournament being weighed in on day two. Matt Massey brought 19-pounds, 10-ounces to the scales including a 7-pound kicker. 

With the weather returning closer to how it was on day one, it’s possible the offshore ledge guys, who struggled a bit on day two, will be able to get more bites and make comeback. The guys targeting a variety of different spots, rotating between offshore, mid depth and shallow seemed to be the consistent players on day two. 

Weather Watch

On day one, anglers were able to take advantage of some sunshine which helped position the fish shallower on cover and made the topwater bite a bit better. On day two, clouds and rain affected the shallow bite by moving the fish around a bit and it took anglers some time to made adjustments. The deeper bite has not necessarily been affected by the weather, but more so the current on Watts Bar, or lack thereof which positions the fish to where they can be caught. 

Showdown Saturday is expected to be similar to day one with sunshine in the morning and clouds increasing as the day progresses. There is a slight chance of a rain shower or two in the afternoon and winds will be south at 10 to 15 MPH.

Top Ten Anglers:
6th Michael Brewer 26-3
7th Louis Fernandes 25-11
8th Eddie Carper 24-14
9th Marc Schilling 24-9
10th Shawn Murphy 24-2