tournament fishing makes for the perfect lifestyle

Join Michael Comeau and his wife as they live the dream along the NPFL Trail.
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NPFL Original Film Produced, Written and Directed by Twin Visuals. Story by Justin Brouillard

Growing up in Vermont, as far back in Mike Comeau’s life as he can remember, fishing has been a big part of his childhood. With several opportunities to spend weekends fishing at the lake with his Grandparents, a fire for the sport started which later led to bass fishing as more than just a hobby.

The Comeau’s leave the snowy weather and cold in the North and make their home in Florida during the winter months. After building their business up for several years, the opportunity to sell meant spending more time in the outdoors.

“Once we sold the stores, I sort of reignited that passion for bass fishing and then the NPFL came along,” said Comeau. “My wife and I talked about it, and we knew the opportunity and timing was right to sign up and try it out.”

What does he love most about fishing? Lots of different things. With a schedule that takes anglers all over the country, the miles behind the wheel can be daunting. Not for Comeau. The time driving, meeting new people and seeing new places, combined with the ever-changing factors of fishing every new lake, tournament fishing makes for the perfect lifestyle for him and his wife throughout the season.

“I think it’s probably the unknown – as much technology as we have and the research we do for a specific lake, there is always an unknown factor and its sort of a good level playing field for everyone competing,” said Comeau.

One particular fish in general gets credit for his love of the outdoors and being on the water – a two-to-three-pound smallmouth when he had no clue what he was doing. The lure – a Rapala Jerkbait thrown on his grandfather’s old Zebco reel.

“I didn’t even know what a jerk bait was, nor how to work it. I casted it out and let it sit, floating on the surface. I went back to playing around on the dock, and all the sudden heard a big splash before realizing my lure was gone. That kind of was the fish I remember that got me hooked.”

While Mike focuses on the fishing, his wife Cathy has embraced the “pit crew” role for not only Mike, but his travel partners as well. While the guys are fishing from dark to dark, Cathy prepares meals to keep them going every day.

In the offseason, the Comeau’s enjoy their time collecting and spending time with their collectable cars. A bonding experience for the couple, the cars have become a hobby outside of fishing that brings them together. Whether its researching and looking for parts to make one more original, or a sunset cruise with the dogs, cars are the perfect way for the couple to spend time together doing something they both love.


Join the NPFL and live your dream along the tournament trail. Deadline to register 2/1/2023.