Day One Begins at Pickwick Lake

Join the NPFL Pros for 3 days on Pickwick Lake to see who takes home the Champion's Shield and $100,000.

Story by Justin Brouillard | Photos by Tanner & Travis Lyons

The NPFL returns to Tennessee for stop number three of the 2024 season which kicks off this morning from Pickwick Landing State Park. It’s a later take-off than usual, with the NPFL opting to alter the schedule and times this week to maximize the bite and fishing experience for the anglers.

In the previous two NPFL events on Pickwick, in 2021 and 2023, local favorite Brandon Perkins prevailed and took home the NPFL shield in both events, with impressive margins of victory. This go around, Perkins is confident but knows that things will be tougher in 2024 with the fish setting up for the entire field to have success.

“It’s fishing a little stingy right now for me, but just like last time, I am not casting a lot and spent a lot of time looking, not fishing (in practice),” he told FatCat Newton. “I am confident in the stuff that I have, but it is, it’s a little funky right now. The weather (hurricane) coming in, it’s not ideal for offshore fishing, and it’s no secret that’s what I am going to do.”

Throughout practice, Perkins focused on finding the fish around the bigger schools, where he felt like the pressure would be less, and would allow him to catch fish that were less targeted by the other anglers. Unfortunately, many other anglers figured out the same deal and he was less than confident he would have those types of areas to himself, and noted that boat draw would play a big factor in which anglers got on the best schools of fish.

Winner of stop number two on Lake Hartwell, Mike Corbishley also found it difficult to find fish on a crowded Pickwick. He echoed Perkins that boat numbers would make or break the majority of the field, but was confident that the quality of fish on Pickwick would keep the weights higher at the top of the leaderboard.

“Compared to years past, the quality of fish is strong,” he said. “Despite it being tough, I am going to stick with 22-pounds a day to win this week; 66-pounds over the three days. For the check weight, I think 42 pounds total will be right there. It also wouldn’t surprise me to see an upper 20-pound bag this week.”

TVA hammer Buddy Gross is aiming a little lower. He estimated around 17 pounds per day for the win and noted “It’s been rough on me” throughout practice.

Progressive AOY leader Will Harkins estimates “around 60 pounds total with 31 pounds getting a check.”

Weather Watch 

The anglers take off this morning with near 80-degree temperatures and sunny skies. Winds are projected to be around 7 MPH throughout the day and temperatures at the weigh-in will creep up near 90.

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