Angler Spotlight – Cameron Wilt

Angler Spotlight - Here is where you get to be introduced to the inaugural group of anglers fishing the NPFL!

Name: Cameron Wilt
From: Born and raised in TX, now live in Columbus, OH
Home Lake: Lake Belton in Texas; Lake Erie in Ohio
Age start fishing tournaments: 12
Most excited about for the NPFL: Getting to take my shot at professional fishing straight out of college. I mean I’ll fish the FLW college national championship the week before the NPFL inaugural event. That’s pretty cool!

1 cool fact about myself: I live in a Christian ministry house with 6 other guys and our bourbon collection could stock a bar.

List of sponsors: Cornerstone Baits, Kistler Rods, Old Fart Lures, Spearpoint Performance Hooks, Gorilla Grip Gloves, TRC Covers, Baitmate, Lure Lock, 316 Active Apparel, Lews, Malo’o Racks

Follow Cameron and the rest of the NPFL Field as the season gets set to launch March 2021.