A Look at the Weigh Live Tracker

As we approach weigh-in, this is who is setting the pace.

By Justin Brouillard | Photo Tanner & Travis Lyons

I asked the anglers on Wednesday what they expected it was going to take to get a check. The average estimate was in the 11 to 13-pound range depending on who you asked. The top 36 guys get paid this week at Lake Eufaula and with 2-hours left to the first day of competition, let’s see where the Weigh Live Tracker is sitting.

Unofficially, here is the top 10!

  1. Joe Discemi 18-4
  2. John Soukup 16-5
  3. Greg Mansfield 16-0
  4. David Gaston 14-6
  5. John Cox 13-0

The angler holding down the last check spot at 36 is current Robert Terkla, Lunkers TV. Rob currently is showing around 6.5-pounds on the Weigh Live Tracker which is half of the anglers estimate. There are 30 anglers not reporting any weight at the moment and a few guys are featured on the NPFL’s Live Coverage. The last 2-hours may play big in this event as the warmest water anglers saw all week were in the afternoon. See you at the weigh-in at 3 PM Central time.