Can Soukup do it Again?

Too close to call but we'll soon know when our anglers hit the stage at 3pm.

By Justin Brouillard | Photos by Tanner & Travis Lyons and Rob Connors

With around 45 minutes until weigh-in begins, Lake Eufaula Champion John Soukup looks like he is walking away with this tournament. With everyone else having a tougher day, Soukup has an unofficial bag over 21-pounds and a 9-pound lead on Jake Boomer.

Did Prvonozac just save his tournament?

Not that finishing in the top 25 would be bad, but Progressive AOY Leader Nick Prvonozac is back into the top 10 unofficially with his best weight yet, around 17-pounds according to the Weigh Live Tracker. With the big jump, Prvonozac might have just kept his lead going into the final event. We’ll see how the leaderboard end up, but it looks like the Warren, Ohio angler can breathe a sigh of relief. I bet he would not tell you it’s on his mind, but he has to be extremely pleased with how this event unfolded for him thus far.

Where is David Gaston?

The second-place angler is still showing a ZERO on the weigh live tracker and with an hour run to his main area, he is well on his way back by this point. Gaston was confident in his plan and liked his odds to give it a go towards the win. I guess we will see when they NPFL Anglers weigh in at 3PM.

Watch the Final Weigh In, here!