Carson is cruising on day two at the midway point.

The day one leader is on them again today, but quite a few are one catch away.

By Justin Brouillard | Photos by Tanner & Travis Lyons and Rob Connors

At about the mid-day period on day two, Keith Carson is keeping pace with his weight of 15-pounds, 3-ounces on day one. The leader has a five bass limit of around 13-pounds, 8-ounces on the day according to the unofficial Weigh Live Tracker. On Live, Carson has been seen flipping shallow bushes and caught 3 quality bass on a quick period after relocating his fish from the first day.

Behind him, Donnie O’Neal has another 13-pounds on the day and sits in 2nd place. O’Neal wanting to manage his fish, planned on catching another decent bag and making his way back near the take off. Feeling under the weather, O’Neal is perfectly fine getting his bag and checking in early.

Sheldon Collings put on a show on Live Coverage this morning and his 12-pounds limit on the Weigh Live Tracker which Luke Dunkin believes to be less than what his actual weight is.

Paul Browning has followed his 12-pounds, 9-ounces on day one up with over 13-pounds today to move into the top five, unofficially.

Rounding out the top five thus far, Louis Fernandes has over 13-pounds today to go with his 12-pounds, 6-ounces on day one.

The big mover of the day is Ryan Chandler who has snuck into the 7th spot with a 15-pound bag today.

Follow the afternoon action LIVE and be sure to join us on stage for the Drive-Thru Weigh-in starting at 3pm.