What’s it going to take to win on Grand Lake?

We asked the NPFL Professionals for their prediction on what it's going to take to win this week.

By Justin Brouillard | Photos by Tanner & Travis Lyons and Ben Kennedy

As always, we asked the anglers what they think it will take to get it done during the tournament. Between guessing the winning weight and the weight it will take to get a check, this is what the anglers had to say.

Brandon Perkins: “Talking to a lot of guys that are saying it’s going to be 15-pounds a day. I think it’s going to be 17-pounds or more per day.”

James Biggs: “50-pounds to win the event, and 33.5-pounds for 36th place.”

Mike Comeau: “There was a 200-boat event here last weekend and it took 38-pounds to win. I guess with the pressure, it’s more like 50-pounds for three days here for us.”

Mike Yoder: “If this weather turns the fish on, it will be 11-pounds or more, but if it makes it harder, it will be more like 10.5-pounds or so. To win, I’m guessing 18-pounds a day.”

William Fletcher: “I’m going with 48 to 50-pounds to get the win, but check range will be 29 to 31-pounds.”

Keith Carson: “I think it’s going to be 18-pounds a day to win, my roommates have been catching them good!”

Ross Rhodes: “45 to 48-pounds a day should win, with 10 or 11-pounds a day getting a check. That will be close, with the expected cloud cover to change things up.”

River Lee: I think it will be less than 50-pounds to win, its Grand Lake and it changes fast, lots of pressure. 11.5-pounds will get a check, around 34-pounds or so.”

Eddie Carper: “I think it takes 12-pounds a day to get a check this week and 47 to 48-pounds a day to win. Someone will have 18 or 19-pounds one day and then follow it up with 14+-pound bags after that.

Louis Fernandes: “I think it will take 16 to 17-pounds a day to win and 12-pounds to make a check.”

Joel Willert: “Basically I have to weigh in one fish to make the championship so I am fishing free. To win this week, you will need a 16 to 16.5-pound average and 10.5-pounds a day gets a check.”

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