As the NPFL Pros get ready to take it to the stage for the day one weigh-in, the leaderboard is getting interesting.

Headed to the Day One Weigh In
Since our last update, unofficial leader Mike Corbishley has more anglers within striking distance.

The Unofficial Top 10 looks like this:
1 Mike Corbishley 17-9
2 Eddie Carper 16-5
3 Drew Six 16-3
4 Kevin Rogers 15-15
6 Brandon Perkins 15-11
7 Justin Kimmel 15-9
8 John Soukup 15-1
9 Trent Palmer 14-15
10 Josh Teet 14-11

Check out the afternoon gallery from the water below and then get ready to Join Big Al McCulloch as he welcomes the NPFL Pros to the stage LIVE @ 3:30 PM