Finale Friday Mid-Day Update

Largemouth dominating, but smallmouth could prove to be a key player.

Story by Justin Brouillard | Photos by Tanner & Travis Lyons

At the mid-day point of Finale Friday, it’s been more of the same on Saginaw Bay. Of the 10 anglers in the top ten, only Gary Adkins has been targeting smallmouth all three days and he is leading the pack with several hours remaining to fish.

Most all of the anglers opted to target largemouth this week after rough conditions during practice and projected winds throughout the tournament. So far, the largemouth have dominated, but will the smallmouth win?

Leader Gary Adkins has an estimated 14-pounds on the day while those chasing behind him are having solid days as well. Adkins has lost some key bass but is confident in his area and he believes he will get a few more quality bites this afternoon.

For those catching largemouth, the key is weeding through and getting some of the bigger largemouth in the boat. With the whole top 10 unofficially within 4 pounds of Adkins, one of the big bites this afternoon can move the leaderboard around. GET ON LIVE NOW for the blow by blow coverage.

The unofficial top ten looks like this:
Gary Adkins 14-1 49-7
John Soukup 14-12 48-9
Randy Kukral 14-14 48-1
Kevin Martin 14-4 48-1
Trent Palmer 17-1 47-3
Taylor Umland 15-14 46-11
Buck Mallory 11-9 46-9
John Cox 15-0 46-8
Matt Massey 15-1 45-10
Timmy Reams 14-0 45-10