Santee Cooper Afternoon Update, Walters and Goade Battle it Out!

It's going to come down to a photo finish for the $100,000 come weigh-in.

Story by Justin Brouillard | Photos by Tanner & Travis Lyons

As the weigh-in draws near, it is still a two man show and Todd Goade has challenged Patrick Walters to catch them on the final day. Goade is showing over 20-pounds on the day including a 7-pound quality bass to anchor his day. Walters has had a tougher day to his standards but still has plenty of time to fish.

The two anglers sit unofficially within ounces of each other. Walters is reporting a 4-pound bass anchor on his “estimated” 15-pound bag.

Behind them, the weights fall off fast but Angler of the Year leader Timmy Reams continues to be the most consistent angler in the field this season and has moved into third place. Fourth place is Jesse Wise who began with event with 13-pounds on day one and has added two bags over 17-pounds on days two and unofficially today. Darrel Robertson has also made his way to the top with 15-pounds on the day. He now sits in fifth place.

The rest of the top ten looks like this:
Will Harkins 46-10
Kevin Martin 46-6
Matt Massey 45-15
Sheldon Collings 42-11
Quentin Cappo 41-0

Make sure to tune in for the LIVE Weigh-In at 3:00 PM EST.