Mid-Day Report, Walters and Palmer Battling

Looks to be a two-man race as time is winding down. But still plenty of fishing left on the ticker.

Story by Justin Brouillard | Photos by Tanner & Travis Lyons

Roommates on the NPFL trail, leader Patrick Walters and runner-up in 2022 Trent Palmer are neck and neck just beyond the midway point of the final day. With light winds allowing the smallmouth anglers ample time to fish effectively in the big water, the fish are cooperating and the anglers are taking advantage.

Walters is unofficially still in the lead over Palmer but both anglers were prepared for a slugfest on the final day. With just under 20 pounds on the Weigh Live Tracker, he is less than a pound above his friend Palmer who is reporting 20 pounds, 10 ounces early in the day.

Behind them, another roommate, Mike Corbishley is working on a bag of his own after losing a quality smallmouth on Live Coverage first thing this morning. All three anglers are running away with the event after good planning allowed them to fish consistently throughout given the rough waters the first two days.

Behind them, Stu Martel is fishing offshore catching both species of bass while the unofficial Progressive Angler of the Year leader to begin the day, Todd Goade, both have small limits to remain in the top five.

It appears once again smallmouth have dominated the event and the largemouth anglers are playing from behind.

Live coverage ends at 1 PM and the final hours will make for an exciting weigh-in this afternoon.

The top ten look like this:   
Patrick Walters 61-4
Trent Palmer 60-12
Mike Corbishley 51-12
Stu Martel 46-7
Todd Goade 45-14
Louis Fernandes 45-7
Barron Adams 45-2
Jesse Wise 43-9
Will Harkins 42-12
Craig Saylor 42-6

Check out the Live Broadcast until 1 PM EST as well as the Live Final Day Weigh-In at 3 PM EST from Saginaw Bay.

Follow along on the Weigh Live Tracker for real-time unofficial updates from the water.  

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