The NPFL and Bass Cat Boats Announce Exclusive Partnership, Promising Game-Changing Rewards for Anglers

Bass Cat Boats and NPFL Announce Exclusive Two-Year Partnership with Exciting Rewards for Anglers

WILKESVILLE, OH (JANUARY 31, 2024) — The National Professional Fishing League (NPFL) announces groundbreaking move solidifying a two-year deal that makes Bass Cat Boats the exclusive boat of “the league” for the 2024 and 2025 seasons. With the collaboration, NPFL competitors stand to gain significant financial rewards as qualifying regular season winners are eligible for a $7,500 bonus through the Bass Cat Quest Program.

“The NPFL is excited to announce our partnership with Bass Cat Boats. The synergy between our organizations is unmistakable, as the Bass Cat brand seamlessly aligns with the core values upheld by the NPFL,” said Brad Fuller, President of the NPFL. “Together, we have a shared vision of enhancing the angler’s experience by providing additional financial support for those who champion our common cause.”

Cody Blair, President of Bass Cat Boats, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “We are thrilled to join forces with the NPFL and support the angling community. This collaboration aligns perfectly with our commitment to advancing the sport and ensuring a rewarding experience for anglers.”

To kick things off in 2024, the partnership is taking things up a notch by offering an extra incentive for NPFL Bass Cat qualified anglers. The NPFL will award a $5,000 cash prize to the top finisher in each of the six regular season events, ramping up the competition and injecting an additional dose of excitement into the highly praised tournament series.

Similarly for 2025, with additional incentives for anglers to participate in the Bass Cat Quest Program, qualified anglers winning a regular season NPFL event will be awarded an additional $20,000. In the event a qualifying angler does not win the event, the NPFL will pay the highest placing qualified finisher $7,500.

2024 Season Details
• $7,500 for qualifying events via the Bass Cat Quest Tournament Rewards Program
• NPFL $5,000 check for highest placing qualified finisher in each of the six regular season events.

2025 Season Details
• $7,500 for qualifying events via the Bass Cat Quest Tournament Rewards Program
• NPFL $20,000 check for qualified regular season event winning anglers
• NPFL $7,500 check for highest finishing qualified non-event winning angler
*NPFL payouts are in addition to the Bass Cat Quest Tournament Rewards Program Details

Added Brad Fuller, President of the NPFL. “This collaboration unequivocally reinforces this commitment. The recently inked two-year deal serves as a clear testament to Bass Cat Boats’ belief in the NPFL and our collective potential. We eagerly anticipate a long-lasting partnership that extends well beyond 2025, solidifying our shared dedication to the angling community.”