cameron wilt

Cameraon Wilt

Hometown: Born and raised in TX, now live in Columbus, OH
Home Lake: Lake Belton in Texas; Lake Erie in Ohio
Age started fishing tournaments: 12

What are you most excited about NPFL: Getting to take my shot at professional fishing straight out of college. I mean I’ll fish the FLW college national championship the week before the NPFL inaugural event. That’s pretty cool

Sponsors: Cornerstone Baits, Kistler Rods, Old Fart Lures, Spearpoint Performance Hooks, Gorilla Grip Gloves, TRC Covers, Baitmate, Lure Lock, 316 Active Apparel, Lews, Malo’o Racks

ONE COOL FACT ABOUT YOURSELF: I live in a Christian ministry house with 6 other guys and our bourbon collection could stock a bar.


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